Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Zebrinae Pendula Herba 水龟草 Traditional Herbal for Kidney Treatment

Scientific name: Zebrinae Pendula Herba
Common name: wandering jew
 原料名称: 龟草

200g 草 zebrinae + about 15 red dates,+ about 12 slices of ginger lts
This formula is effective for people with kidney disease,kidney dialysis patients and can be taken by any one to improve their kidney function.
The top of Shui gui cao is green while its bottom is purple.They are some little white hair on the leaves.
Shui gui cao(Zebrina pendula) is effective for bladder problems,piles,uric acid,blood in stool,engender liquid,Pulmonary tuberculosis cough,lung heat cough,Nephrities (kidney infection)
poisonous snake bite,leucorrhea (white discharge or vaginal discharge),urinary infection,hemoptysis (coughing up blood or blood-stained),nephritis dropsy (swelling or accumulate of water), acute conjunctivitis, painful pharynx and larynx swollen,etc.
It has the benefit of clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood, diuresis effect and for treating ailments like swelling and inflammation.
Kidney function is especially important to men as kidney is responsible for sexual performance.
Direction for use.
200g to be used each time. First soak 15 pieces of red dates in a container, wash herb 3 times.Use 1.5 litres of water and bring it to a boil,put in herb, red dates and 12 slices of ginger.Switch to low flame and cook for 1.5 hour.Add China brown sugar for better medical effects..Herbs can be cook 2nd time to get maximum benefits.
This herb is suitable for everybody young and old to detox their body of toxins! To be taken on empty stomach for best results or 2 hour to 3 hour after food for better absorption.


  1. Is this herbs effective for people with kidney disease.
    If so do reply to my email nhsiaw@yahoo.com
    or any body who have ues this herbs
    Thank you

  2. I have grow quite alot of this herbs leave.Im using it to boil together with barley(san shok barley) im having kidney problems .right side already removed.can I still continue to take this herbs often for prevention.TQ

  3. Thank you for this information.

  4. I am stage 4 CKD pateien with crratinien 199, egfr 25. Please advise how does this plant may help in my case
    . Is there any further research on this plant used in CKD patients? Please help me by replying to merindachua@gmail.com
    Appreciate much on your reply.

  5. Hi, I'm selling this herb in ready to drink bottle. Anyone interested can WhatsApp me at 010 760 8890 (Aurora).

    I'm a Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes since 16 yrs old. I'm aware that I will get Kidney Disease for my illness. One of my relative introduce this herb to me about 15 yrs ago & I have been drinking it till now.

    So far, this herb really help me a lot especially getting rid my sugar & toxin from my body. My yearly blood test results for my kidney & liver functions still good. I have friends & relatives with different illnesses tried this herb drinks from me & they also see the result & improvement.

  6. Can you kindly tell me where to buy the seeds of this plant online? Many thanks!