Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rhoeo diacolor 紫蚌花 a Mexican medicinal plant, decreases the formation of liver preneoplastic foci

Scientific name: Rhoeo discolor(15,600), Rhoeo spathacea(15,200), Tradescantia spathacea(11,000), Tradescantia discolor(768), Tradescantia spathaceae(111), Rhoeo spathaceae(87), Rhoeo discolo(5)

English name: Oyster plant(413), Boat lily(126), Moses in the boat(12), Moses in a cradle(6), Beat lity(0)

Chinese name: 蚌花, Bang hua(455), 蚌蘭, Bang lan(79), 紫萬年青, Zi wan nian qing(43), 紫背萬年青, Zi bei wan nian qing(25)
Malay name: Nanas kerang(5), Daun kepah(3), Pandan ungu(1)

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