Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sabah Snake Grass 优遁草 Traditional herbal cancer treatment

Sabah Snake Grass

Q: What is the scientific name ?
Scientific name: Clinacanthus nutans
English name: Drooping Clinacanthus
Malay name: Daun Kalingsir
Indon name: Dandang Gendis
Chinese name: 优遁草

Q: Is this safe to consume ?
It is like one of the vegetable.

Q:How to consume ?
1. Raw method : Eat leaf raw
2.Juice method .Blend with green apple
3.Soup : Boiled and drink the soup , can add red dates.
4. Cooking Dish . Stirred fry with chicken meat .

Q : Where to get it ?
 Seremban , Negeri Sembilan  

 Q : Can we grow it ?
Yes , easy to grow but it take time .  

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